16 July 2010

Mix It Up

Welcome to the Neighborhood News

Today we have Cindy Beck as our guest. She blogs at ‘Write Up my Alley’ and her article is named “Take a Bow.” Cindy’s talking about how her husband is trying to train their little Corgi to take a bow, but the way she tells the story is just hilarious! At some point she says: “Russ and Corky Porky have a wonderful relationship. Mostly because Russ feeds Corky snacks that put weight on both the man and his dog—things like Cheetos, jerky, and popcorn. There isn’t a single food that Russ and his best friend won’t eat. Well, except maybe lettuce. Probably because it’s healthy.” Well, now I know where to go for advice on how to train my daughter’s puppy. :o)

Our next article comes from ‘V and Co.’ and it’s entitled “Spruce Up Your Towel.” I don’t know about you, but I just love a place where you can find great easy-to-make items. And, guess what, this is one of those places. Read this comment: “nothing speaks more to me than a big ol nice beach/pool towel.” Check out the cute model on the towel, isn’t she a looker? Great work ladies!

Last but not least, we have the gals from ‘How Does She?’ who submitted this tutorial to Sugardoodle.com. It’s entitled “Non Bulky Family Home Evening Board”, and it’s a craft you can make to give as a house warming gift to the bride that has everything, or for an in-law, friend, or even yourself. The pictures are huge, and very detailed. I’m thinking I’m going to make one for my family; I’ve seen it done before, and I thought I’d have a chance to make one at Super Saturday, but I missed my chance.

As usual, on Fridays Positive Music and Downloads offers Free Download Friday. Please enjoy the music from Various Artists, and their song Bring Them In: Celebrating the Spirit of Trek, “The Handcart Song."

Have a great time this weekend, and go ahead and drop off a few words in the comments section, we'll certainly appreciate that.

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  1. Thanks for such a fun newsletter today! I loved reading about Corky Porky Pie (even though I wrote it, I read it again :), but I also really enjoyed the summer beach towel and the FHE board/chart.

    You do a great job, and the newsletter always contains so many helpful blogs.

    Love the Rhodes Bread link at the bottom, as well. Their California pizza sounds delish!

  2. Hello Cindy, and thank you. I have to say it's a great job to have and I enjoy doing it. We aim to bring what's good out there, and thank goodness I find it!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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